Friday, June 24, 2016

KBII? What's that?

My, aren't you inquisitive! You're fortunate that we're here to indulge your interest in industrial shelving.

The Klip-BILT II®, affectionately referred to as the "KBII" by those in the know, may well be the finest line of compression clip shelving on the market. If that strikes you as arrogant, you're probably unfamiliar with Bilt. We sincerely believe that we're the best in the industry and, much as we value humility, we don't believe in lying for its sake.

Unconvinced? Just keep reading.

Combining rugged industrial strength with powerful ease of assembly, the KBII is unrivaled in its ability to solve multifarious storage issues. Optimized for both open and closed shelving, this unit comes equipped with strongbox front posts that free up space and bolster its load-bearing capabilities.

Lickety-Klip (eh? eh? get it?) shelf clips secure each corner and allow for effortless reconfiguration. Sturdy, dependable compression clips, these little devils can be readily deployed at whatever height you desire and, as they're independent of those in adjacent units, can be adjusted without hassle. Shelves can be assembled and reorganized quickly using four clips and nothing else; no bolts or tools are required.

After settling on a basic post and shelf arrangement, dividers and drawers can then be added to suit your needs. From there you decide on whether you want an open or closed configuration. The former employs side and back cross braces, the latter side panels, back panels, and, if requested, doors. Need something a bit more customized? Though we can't make any guarantees, we'd be more than happy to explore your options.

If you're still having doubts about the KBII's capabilities (or our own), we encourage you to contact us. We're confident that we can eliminate any remaining reservations once we have the opportunity to speak with you.

Check back in within a couple of weeks for the scoop on another equally impressive shelving line!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bilt History 101

Welcome to the inaugural post for Bilt's blog! In today's class we'll be briefly exploring the history of Belton's own premiere shelving manufacturer. I know, I know, pretty exciting stuff, just try to keep it together yeah?

Bilt Industries, Inc. arrived on the scene in late 2004 when it purchased the Klip-BILT II® and Quick-BILT® shelving lines from the Frick-Gallagher Manufacturing Company. Designed at inception to be the leanest viable business in the shelving industry, Bilt's structure allows for rapid adjustments so as to insulate its customers from market forces. The only way to fully achieve this objective, however, was to invest capital in technology that would drive down costs, yet elevate product standards. And that's just what Bilt did.

Galvanized by a stalwart business model, Bilt immediately began carving out a place for itself. It has since proven more than capable of preserving the high quality specification that Frick-Gallagher first offered over 70 years ago. The fledgling company proved so successful, in fact, that by 2007 it had already introduced a new line of box shelves. An impressive rate of growth continued to afford Bilt opportunities to diversify. As the decade drew to a close, this manifested in the launch of both an HD modular drawer line and mezzanine construction services.

Today, Bilt Industries has two state-of-the-art roll formers, modernized tooling, and a painting process, known as powder coating, that mitigates its environmental impact. With a new 40,000 sq ft. corporate office/distribution center in the greater Kansas City area, there really isn't anywhere to go but up.

Anyway, hopefully you now have a better idea about who we are and where we've been. Be sure to keep checking back for posts discussing our product lines, trade show plans, and lord knows what else. We'll try to make it as entertaining as possible moving forward!